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We help you in building a strong online interface for your business which suits your needs and target audience Products launched by traffic from the unique Touch-e Motion series allow for interactive access to the customer in a much more effective way than printed advertising materials. Creation of ideas/support at the design stage and Implementation of the concept of any advertising medium/application development are the extended services. Rental of devices necessary to display advertising (touch monitors, motion detectors, seamless monitor walls, LED monitors, interactive to terms) Technical package on the entire project/coordination is supported by Visualhash.

Motion control

Our applications will allow the software to interactively ‘follow’ passers-by within the device’s range of operation based on the on systems of infrared sensors and motion control technology. When we use the advertising message in a speech bubble to convey the point to the customers it is shown in a more entertaining way. This grabs user’s eye as it is a unique form of non-volitional marketing as the involuntary acts become part of advertising. 

We conduct campaigns from the unique Touch-e Motion series which will allow you to reach clients in an interactive way and are much more efficient than printed advertising materials.

Gesture Control:

Gesture control will help you to operate data displayed by the computer without the need to touch the monitor or keyboard using gestures. With this Gesture control system, you can promote various products and services in both sales office and promotional events.

Every user will have a remarkable experience with this Touch-e gesture as it uses real-time rendering in 3D, gesture control and augmented reality.

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