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Print Advertising is taking massive changes in both newspaper and magazine advertising. Print media is the most powerful tool to reach the mass audience and influence them in many levels. We from VisualHash deal with daily papers in major markets and deliver exceptional value to clients in various things like cost, placement and creative ideas etc. Print advertising is the crucial part of integrated market today to create brand awareness.

Print advertising includes advertisements printed on paper and other portable print mediums like direct mail, booklets, flyers, newsletters etc. Print advertising is a vast and versatile medium depeding on your strategy.

Print advertising is a reaching the target audience with some creative thoughts, this can appeal your customers in a catching way. Even though it is a oldest form of traditional advertising but holds a vital form of media.


Outdoor Ads

VisualHash Technologies provides the best outdoor advertising services which are focused in marketing. Advertisement is recognized as an apparent tie between seller and the consumer. As most people spend their 70 percent of time outside the house, these outdoor advertisements is taking a tactical approach to influence the customers. These Outdoor advertising services from VisualHash include billboards, bus benches, interiors, and exteriors.

When an advertiser pays for the message whether through print media or electronic media, the origin of modern advertising has happened. This outdoor advertising is also considered as mass marketing strategies such as radio, TV, Cinema, and many more. We are providing the best Outdoor Advertising services when compared to others in the market.

Outdoor Ads

Radio Ads

VisualHash Technologies is the leading on radio advertising in evolving and stay on the cutting edge of innovation in ratio. Radio Advertising is the most used marketing strategy to reach the audience with their brand.

We create the effective and engaging radio advertisement to connect the radio listeners emotionally. We can help you tell your story and grab people’s interest towards your brand or company. With our services we can connect with millions of customers instantaneously to gain brand exposure.

Radio advertising is just like the commercials we see on the television during your favorite shows. In Radio advertising, advertisers buy spots to promote their product services. We from VisualHash provide the Radio Advertisement services at an affordable price. All these commercials are nothing but drivers to promote your business or brand effectively to the audience.

Radio Ads


Your Brand is more than a logo that interacts with your end customer. A brand can convey or define a promise and the personality of a company. A Brand Strategy can interact with the customer with your potential market day to day. Always remember that you are competing with the most successful brands in the market and need to be efficient in the delivering the things at right time. Visualhash can provide the best services for Brand Strategy to help our customers in competing with the real world.

Brand Strategy is a long term plan for successful brand development with the derived goals. Visualhash will help the companies to establish and sell services to customers with effective brand strategy. We provide these services keeping in mind the consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments to acquire the best results.


Brand Identity

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