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Virtual Reality

We provide the latest technologies for Virtual reality with the best available resources to meet the client’s expectations. Though we expertise in both unreal and unity 3D, we never take back for complex interactive scenarios within the applications.

Current VR Technology uses Virtual reality headsets or multi projected environments to generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that stimulate a physical presence in virtual environment. User can experience the artificial world interacting with the virtual features or items. User can control these devices through a game controller or other devices that are know as Haptic systems.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is divided into stimulation of real environment and development of an imagined environment for a game. This technology will allow the creator to select the images and rules for their interaction using related textual language statements.

  • . We develop the application and many other including game scenarios for Oculus Rift/ Cardboard/ Samsung gear etc.
  • . We create unreal engines and also the graphic for unity 3D.
  • . We rent hardware when required.

Multi-Touch Apps

Our multi-touch applications are easy to operate and also support all kinds of businesses. We create unique touchscreen applications with Touch e-pro technology. The interface of these applications will allow the users to find the services most interesting and can engage the users in the best way. It is easy for the user to obtain technical information included in the electronic version.

Multi-Touch Apps

Everywhere the presence of touch technology is being used for an improved customer service. We can provide anything using this large interactive displays that can engage the customer and create the best ever experience. We design and develop new innovative multi touch apps which enables our customers the user friendly experience forever.

Why Multi Touch Apps?

  • . Multi Touch apps and the displays used are large and interactive. With this they can engage users better than any other practices.
  • . Customers can convey the information in multiple formats like text, pictures, videos etc.
  • . The advantage with multi touch apps is that multiple users can simultaneously interact to enhance the collaboration.


Beacons are small devices placed in public places like shopping centers, hospitals, parking, etc. for instance. They create a virtual map of the place so that people can find the exact spot to reach easily. This technology will provide navigation and contextual info and more. Beacons also send signals to the customer’s Smartphone’s so that they can visit a shopping center and create a specific profile.


Helps Indoor Navigation:A virtual map of the space will be displayed with the exact locations or positions marked. Once a destination is selected it will map or direct us to the location in real time.

WayFinder:The application will automatically finds map one the basis of our current location and takes us to the destination that we wanted to reach.

Accessibility:Public Places like Shopping malls, train stations, airports, movie theaters, fun zones etc maps will be created to make them navigate easily. This is mostly helpful for the impaired, disabled and elderly people to reach their desination using this devices or apps.

Report and analytics:Visual Hash collects all the data from the users, analyse it in real time to provide proper reports and analytics.

Measure Traffic:We give exact report of traffic and timely metrics for the effectiveness and improve the strategies.

Augmented Reality

We are proud of providing the best services with augmented reality-based solutions for mobile devices, websites etc. Unique sales and marketing tools are our specialty which can link the real world with computerized graphics. We take the whole responsibility is driving the user’s eye for your promotions. All the promotions are taken in the most entertaining way that creates interaction with the user.

  • . We create ideas for the application.
  • . We prepare the application logic and its graphics layout.
  • . We rent the necessary equipment (touch screens, seamless monitor walls) if the application is installed as standalone.
Augmented Reality

Suface Max Pro

Surface Max is the world’s premier platform for brokers, realtors, property managers, builders, architects and other real estate pros who wish to accelerate their sales with modern, engaging and memorable multi-touch experiences using their own digitized content and in-house creative personnel. Our surface max pro helps in customer engagement and check-in’s, in a faster way.