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Targeting your audience on Facebook ads will be different from 19th January 2022.

Facebook Ads

Companies Advertise on social media to target a specific audience and track the result, which is practically not possible in traditional advertisements such as broadcasting of the ads on televisions or other forms of ads. However, with the new update, Facebook has restricted advertisers with some targeting options.

What is a Detailed targeting option in Facebook ads?

Whenever you create an online campaign on Facebook, you need to choose a set of audiences, the audience who will see your ad. You can select the target audience based on their demographics like gender, age and location, interests and device usage, and so on.

However, Facebook has provided an update on how creators can target their targeted audience. In the new update. The Advertisers will not have few options such as referencing causes, organizations, or public figures that relate to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation.

Alternatives to target your potential customers.

In the Targeting section, we have a few other alternatives to target our customers.

A broad Target is an option that includes age, gender, and location, the system will automatically target those people who are interacting more with your ad.

Custom Audience is an option, where you can add an audience, the people who have visited your website, people who have interacted with your Facebook page or some data which you already have.

Lookalike Audience is another option, which allows you to expand your audience and target the current audience’s lookalike.

Target Expansion is an opt-in option, if you opt for this, the system will go beyond your target and reach similar audiences using your existing inputs and target them.

Not only the above but a few other options will also be introduced in the future keeping privacy and sensitive information in mind.


Though Facebook is creating some restrictions for advertisers, the number of people who use Facebook is just increasing. As long as people (in billions) exist on a platform, Companies can always advertise their product and service, ultimately making sales and profits.

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