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What is Augmented Reality?


Augmented Reality is a technology where our physical world will get overlapped by the layers of digital information. AR can change the perception of reality with the superimposed computerized images. It can add sounds, videos, and graphics to the existing reality.

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality:

Augmented reality will overlay the virtual information to the existing natural environment, where Virtual Reality makes the user inhabit the environment completely. When using Augmented Reality people or user will experience an improved environment with the tool provided in everyday activities. To perform any activity instructions will be provided through text notification. Information provided to the user will be relevant to their real-life activities.

Types of Augmented Reality:

There are four types of augmented reality they are:

Marker AR:
In this AR it can scan special signs to QR Codes as a special visual object. The device provided will calculate the position and orientation of marker to position the content.

Markerless Based AR:
This type of AR will provide the maps, directions, and other related information based on the user’s location or data. These type of applications usually include event-related information, business pop up ads, navigation support etc.

Projection Based AR:
This type of AR will be seen in sci-fi movies like star wars to detect user interaction and act accordingly.

Superimposition Based AR:
This type of AR will replace the original view with augmented objects fully or partially which play a major role in this concept of superimposition based AR.

AR Potential Areas:

Here is a list of potential areas where augmented reality can be implemented more.

  • AR interactive models for training purposes
  • AR in the health industry to help diagnose
  • ✶ In military for advanced navigation
  • ✶ In tourism for navigation and data on destinations
  • ✶ Event streaming along with the overlay of content

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience where the real-world environment can be felt by computer-generated information including Visual, Auditory, etc. In this case, virtual reality is completely replaced with the real-world environment. This technology can bring the digital world into real life perception which is possible with the integration of immersive sensations.

There are various technologies used in augmented reality like an optical projection system, monitors, display systems etc. These devices can be worn on the human body and can experience the computer-generated data.


Augmented Reality is going to take the present technology to next level in the coming days. Modern Augmented reality depends on the device that is recording and analyzing the environment in real time. The usage of Augmented reality will increase social interaction, medical, flight training, military, navigation, Broadcast, live events, music, translation, etc.

Let us wait and see for more inventions using this Augmented Reality technology.

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