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Blockchain is a distributed database which has the potential to act as decentralized systems, transforming industry structures and drive large-scale shifts in the business model of organizations.

An Essential Hack

The new industry revolution with an upgrade of trust parallelly creating a smarter society

Blockchain Enables

⫸ Reliable execution of business rules across parties

⫸ Disintermediate third parties

⫸ Automate trust

The 5 Blockchain Models

⫸ Intra-organizationShared data repositories n Corporate actions n Audit trail.

⫸ Existing customer, supplier, and partner ecosystemPharma cold chain n Cargo tracking n Flight delay insurance n Working capital

⫸ Central authority-led ecosystemLand records management n Mortgage servicing rights transfer n Utility service provider switching.

⫸ Ecosystem of industry peersKYC n Capacity optimization n OTC derivatives.

⫸ Multi-entity ecosystem around nested experiencesElectric vehicle charging n Tokenized multi-partner loyalty platform.

To realize this potential and overcome the challenges in adoption, it is essential to take a strategic approach, instead of a piece-meal one. organizations need to navigate a unique set of challenges owing to the characteristics of the technology and the broader trend of digitization.

Distributed Database

Each party here has access to the entire database and its complete history and can verify the records without an intermediary. No longer a single party controls the data.

Peer-to-Peer Transmission

Communication occurs directly between peers instead of through a central node. Information is stored and forwarded from node to node.

Transparency with Pseudonymity

Each user on blockchain has a 30 plus character alphanumeric address giving access to to every associated value. Let the identity be known and every transaction ne tracked for the person holding the corresponding key with the pseudonymous feature

Irreversibility of Records

computational algorithms and approaches are deployed in such a way that entered records cannot be altered as they joined the chain already to ensure the database is permanent, chronologically ordered, and available to all on the network.

“Get ready! everything will connected and tokenized by blockchain one day”

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