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Visual Hash Technologies has been at the forefront of the constant evolution in developing touch-screen interactive kiosks, AR -VR experience, IoT products for marketing & android, ios, mobile app platforms.

The real marketing battle ground and the future middle funnel


Top Funnel

Traditional method which turned expensive-forecast to be 11% by this year which is double to UK inflation rate i.e 5.1%.

Middle Funnel

Here brands compete for relevance and consideration. It is about the ability for brands to create more meaningful experiences and emotional connections with consumers not just being part of a brave technological future. /p>

Lower Funnel

Driving success with rational messages and more recently, performance marketing to increase sales.

Are you Not Able To Predict The Future Of Metaverse And Its Potential Marketing Opportunities By Changes In The Market Like Facebook To Meta As Its New Name?

Don’t Doubt

Meta verse signals a move beyond traditional advertising toward creating more engaging and immersive brand experiences through AR, VR, virtual spaces and digital possessions.

Why the hyped attention for metaverse as middle funnel marketing? The platform is critical for creating long-lasting relationships with consumers through content and experience-led marketing. Google recently discovered that a brand could attribute 16 times more sales to the previously underused channels through middle funnel, bridging the gap between brand and performance to drive sustainable relationships and long-term growth.

The current excitement in the media might be about the technological future, but for marketers it’s about the opportunities these changes create for building a true value exchange platform.

The metaverse enables marketers to inject their brand experience in a way that makes each user the star of the show. blurs the line between your interactions online and in real life.

Nike, Disney, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, as well as other consumer brands, have already created trailblazing marketing efforts within the metaverse. B2B marketers are next.

B2B marketers will have the same opportunity to offer their clients options to demo suites of products, customize their offerings and even interact in real-time to give detailed feedback Sephora partnered with researchers to help identify how customers could use sight to trigger the sense of smell through certain colors, animations and graphics. And launched a new fragnance in the virtual world while its site are closed in the lockdown.

The impression regarding the significance of metaverse real estate draws a favorable picture for growth of virtual real estate.As many brands are trying their hands at advertising in the metaverse, virtual real estate can serve a vital role.

In addition, the easy accessibility of virtual real estate in different metaverse platforms presents better prospects for its adoption. With formidable solutions for doubts regarding the valuation of virtual real estate in terms of utility, the future for real estate in the metaverse appears bright.

Visualhash has combined 10 years marketing experience. We use cutting-edge strategies with world-class, in-house talent in order to get your brand the attention it deserves online.

We provide a 360- degree marketing solutions customized to your business goals. We can deploy the right online marketing solution on the right channels to provide your right audience with the right information at the right time . information at the right time . Archive your business goals and maximize your marketing ROI with an integrated marketing strategy . Our expertise is in creating knockout strategies that include high impact results through AR,VR technologies ,digital advertising, advance search engine optimization, ever green content marketing and shareable social media .

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